How to Understand Terminology of Share Market like Pro Investor

The main thing which trade on any share market is Shares. First I will explain what is share?. If any company want to divide its authority in to other parties what they do is break the value of the company in to pieces. The smallest valuable piece of the company is normally knows as a share. On share market this pieces of companies were traded. In Sri Lanka Colombo Stock Exchange is the authorized market […]

Terminology of Share Market

Unit Trust Investment at Colombo Stock Exchange

Simply buy or sell you share under fluctuating market and some times most of random judgment may get wrong. So you may get disappointed from losses. If you need to get good profit without following rumors sometimes investor gets confused and annoyed experience in share market investment. You need to do decide, what are the shares good buy at current market? What are the shares need to sell? .And you need to decide, you need […]

How to Analysis Stock Performance of Using Beta Value

Beta Value is the one of the stock indicator  and tool to analysis stock performance which provides major information’s regarding the volatility of the share. We can simply say it’s a measure of relevant share volatility as respect with Sri Lankan Colombo Socket exchange volatility. This indicator is much popular nowadays. Normally Market volatility (Colombo Stock Exchange or any other stock exchange other than Sri Lanka) take as 1 and shares beta value taken with […]

Secondary Market of Colombo Stock Exchange

Any citizen in Sri Lanka can buy shares from Initial Public offering (IPO) and this is normally known as primary market but, to trade in secondary market you need to have a CDS account. If you need to takeover shares from secondary market first thing you need to do is create a CDS account and you need to start it through a broker company. You can give a share buy order through your broker via […]

List of Stock Brokers Operating in Sri Lanka

Stock brokers are playing vital role in the stock investment . They got the skill to analysis the market in perfect way and help us to select the optimum investment at present situation by predicting future.Doing Share trade by bypass Stock broker has great risk and so its recommended to get the feed back from your stock broker before you are going to do any trade. With or without getting the real investment advice from […]