Share Market Animal and What Type of Animal You Are?

The investors in any share market categorized according to four animals by considering their behaviors. The four Share Market Animal are Bull, Bear, Chicken and Pig. Pig is the invaluable animal who you do not want to be an investor. First we will consider about the behaviors of the animals which mentioned. The Bull : Best Share Market Animal Bull is the happiest animal who live in Share market. I’m sure you may have heard […]

Share Market Animal

How to Do Colombo Stock Exchange Day Trading

Day Trading simply means that doing buying and selling on same day. Those who doing day trading are normally known as active traders. Most of Banks and persons who involved in financial investment institute tend to do day trading because they have very good sense of market operations. Since due to the development of internet technology day trading’s are also possible for normal ordinary investors. The trend of day trading become much popular recently due […]

Top Billionaires Quotes – Part 4

  Roman Arkadievich Abramovict Name : Roman Arkadievich Abramovict Date of Birth : 24 th October 1966 Nationality :Russian Country : Russia Owner of : Chelsea Football Club, and English Premier League football About Roman Arkadievich Abramovict Top Billionaires Roman Arkadievich Abramovict is one of the richest person  and Top Billionairesin Russia and he created his wealth from oil. Roman Arkadievich Abramovict owned Popular Chelsy football club. Quotes of Roman Arkadievich Abramovict “But charity is […]

Some Top Stock Investment Tips

investing is stock can be some times the greatest investment which yo do in your life. Following are a guide to Stock Investment Tips  which provide by professionals in stock investments. before got to stock or any investment avoid debut, credit and minimize or don’t use your credit card. Remember consume what you can and don’t go beyond it.Try it invest in long term and not to trade your stock daily and weekly basis.Buy solid […]

Super Quotes of Top Billionaires – Part 3

Bernard Arnault Full Name : Bernard Arnault Date of Birth :05th March 1949 Country : France Education: École Polytechnique (1969–1971) Source of Income : Moet Hennessy Louis Vitton About Bernard Arnault Bernard Arnault is french Billionar and a business mangent in Europe. He is the CEO of ultra popular Moet Hennessy Louis Vitton. He is fond of art and he has great art collection. Bernard Arnault is much popular in fashion designing business. Quotes of […]