5 Common Mistakes Which Armature Investors Do In Sri Lanka Share Market

Most of armature investors in Sri Lankan tend to do lots of mistakes in sri lanka share market due to their inexperience and lack of knowledge. So in here I’m going to discuss 5 commons mistakes which most of beginner level investors do. It’s vital to have knowledge on what are the areas which you may fall in to trap in this investment journey in sri lanka share market. Do Share trade without knowledge This […]

Sri Lanka Share Market

Colombo Stock Exchange Regional Branch Network

Colombo stock exchange is the legal stock exchange in Sri Lanka and this is located in West Block, World Trade Center, Echelon Square, Colombo 01.It is much easy to the people who live near to Colombo to get involved with this market but unfortunately for the people who live far from Colombo hard to have some attachment with this institute. So Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) creates a plan to locate branch in different regions of […]

Types of Shares in Share Market Sri Lanka

If we Share Market Sri Lanka consider on share market Sri Lanka or any other country Share is the most important thing is this market. The first step take to enter to share market Sri Lanka (Colombo Stock Exchange) is creating a Central Depository Systems (CDS) Account. Central Depository Systems (CDS) is the system which depository of the entire listed stocks and securities in share market Sri Lanka. In this article I will briefly explain […]

Find Sri Lanka stock market performance by use of index system

Market Indicators of stock exchange in Sri Lanka is also a necessary tool which indicates the behavior of entire sri lanka stock market performance. From using these market indicators we can easily get idea in what direction that this market moving (Upward or Downward). The basic predictions of whether the share price will move up or down can be done from this indicators method, but your perdition’s may not assure 100%. There are two major […]

Colombo stock exchange trade summary and how to use it for investment

If you invested or plan to invest on Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE), you need to have a better idea on how this market and system works. Trade information’s related to this companies listed in Share market and pattern of overall Colombo Stock Exchange will offer a better idea on your Investment. There are so many sources available to get this information’s.  price information, Market indicators, price indicators and finance reports on Companies are some of […]