Market Analysis

Basic’s Behind Stock Market Investment Analysis

After you make your diversification strategy most of investor fall in to trap and make wrong guesses on at what time to buy a share on which price level. If the investor unable to make a right decision on to buy share at correct price level at correct time, he or she will get loses on their investment. So buying share in correct time on correct price level and sell those on correct time in […]

Stock Market Investment Analysis

Colombo Stock Exchange Fundamental Analysis

How to Find Necessary Information’s for Colombo Stock Exchange Fundamental Analysis

If you’re interested on financial analysis and invest you need to find necessary information on  Colombo Stock Exchange Fundamental Analysis . There are several ways to find and get those information. Normally in Sri Lanka Company is bound to issue Annual, mid year and Quarter financial report print or soft medium. Some of the companies publish their financial report on newspaper to have an idea of the company on general public. Most of listed companies of Colombo […]

The Difference Between Fundamental and Technical Analysis

Difference finding a good performing company in one sector is not an easy task. To find a good shares on some sector you need to analysis all the shares of that peticluar sector and its a very difficult task to do. Taking investment decisions on following the market rumors and attached to emotions are really dangerous and you may lose all your hard-earned money from it. By considering the correct analysis method and  buy the share […]

Fundamental and Technical Analysis

Fundemental Analysis Stock Market

What is Fundemental Analysis Stock Market ?

Fundemental Analysis Stock Market  is the foundation for strong investment in  andy Share market.  By considering and check financial information of any company can predict the future growth and the stability of the company. The key information’s need to check in financial analysis is Balance Sheet, Cash flow statement, Future plan of the company, Income and expenditure statements and more. By carefully checking those financial information’s you can identify whether the share price of the […]