Initial Public Offer (IPO)

The CSE Stock Exchange Initial Public Offering Types

All the companies in the world can easily divide in to two categories, one is Private companies and the other is Public companies.The ownership of private companies are belongs to the people who invested on that company and the owners of that companies. But this is different in Public companies.But in Public Companies the ownership of that companies are not only bound to its pre owner and the ownerships is divide in to the every […]

initial public offering

Initial Public Offer (IPO) at Colombo Stock Market

Some times you or your company interest to buy shares in any companies listed in Colombo stock market and you don’t know how to do it. There are two major methods to buy shares on Colombo stock market. First one is Primary Market and other is secondary market. The main idea behind to put any company share on public is collecting capital to that company. So company are tend to do Initial Public Offer (IPO) […]