Colombo Stock Exchange Fundamental Analysis

How to Find Necessary Information’s for Colombo Stock Exchange Fundamental Analysis

 Colombo Stock Exchange Fundamental Analysis If you’re interested on financial analysis and invest you need to find necessary information on  Colombo Stock Exchange Fundamental Analysis . There are several ways to find and get those information. Normally in Sri Lanka Company is bound to issue Annual, mid year and Quarter financial report print or soft medium. Some of the companies publish their financial report on newspaper to have an idea of the company on general public. Most of listed companies of Colombo stock exchange also published mention report on CSE website also. So the easiest way to find financial information’s of Colombo stock exchange are the CSE website.

If any company not able to provide the necessary financial information’s for general public, Sri Lanka Security Exchange Commission has the authority to delist the company from share market. CSE listed again the company by considering after giving the necessary financial details for SEC. Normally de listed on the market is not a good sign for company and that is also indicated the poor performance also. So most of the listed companies of Colombo stock exchange update their financial report on correct time.

According to regulations all the annual financial document must be signed by charted accountant and need to audit. The independent report of the charted accountant also need to includes for the annual financial report also. This independent audit report also need the carefully analysis and this is also important document in Annual financial report.

If you are plan to do  Colombo Stock Exchange Fundamental Analysis  on a peticlure company you need at least of follow five-year of financial reports such as balance sheets, Cash flow statement, income statement ect.. deeply to identify the health of the company that you are wishing to invest. consist all annual report and quarter report of the companies so investor can easily get the relevent report and check the necessary financial report from it.Hope this article will useful to find more financial information’s which is essential to do your financial analysis . For more information regarding fundamental analysis visit oure”Market Analysis ” category for more details of fundamental Analysis and other Analysis methods which is applicable on Stock Market.