Secondary Market of Colombo Stock Exchange

Secondary MarketAny citizen in Sri Lanka can buy shares from Initial Public offering (IPO) and this is normally known as primary market but, to trade in secondary market you need to have a CDS account. If you need to takeover shares from secondary market first thing you need to do is create a CDS account and you need to start it through a broker company. You can give a share buy order through your broker via internet, by voice call or by fax. Valid time duration is also important factor of Share trading and you can select a suitable valid time for your trade. If you did not provide valid dates to buy or sell, your broker will decide it for you. Anyway you have the power to cancel your trade anytime and your broker doesn’t have any authority to change or cancel your trade order without permission. Normally your broker will provide bought note if you get share from secondary market and sold note if you buy a share. You can also check your relevant trades from the document which provide by CDS in every month. This CDS monthly report will provide every month through post.

As I mentioned early most of trade orders were give through by call, mail and fax but now recent technology develop that you can do trade shares through internet. This is very useful and your can buy and sell your shares under the software’s which provide by your Stock broker. If you need you can do trade in same day and normally these types of trades known as Intra-Day Trading. This is much important during internet trading and you can instantly buy or sell shares from this method and now this Intra-Day Trading is getting much popular. Trading without proper knowledge will lead losses for your investment so having a good overall knowledge on share trading will helpful for better gain. Always remember and do not get hesitate to get advice from your stock broker on current market, they will always best advice for you.

If you are in to this share market business you need to take care of that this share market is not a get quick rich scheme. Most of investors focus on this share trade by casino mentality and most of people who got these mentality get huge losses and quite from these investment methods very quickly. You need to remember that this share market trading is a investment method which mostly focused on long term gains. Sometimes there may sudden rise and falls in market but investing your hard owned money from based on good analytical method is the wisest thing that you can do without following rumors.